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About us


Every business owners have numerous plans when they’re starting out, including fast growth, recognition and acknowledgement for their venture. However, sometimes business growth takes you by surprise; sales suddenly increase, project kick start immediately  or an unexpected opportunity falls into your lap. In these cases, you'll find yourself scrambling in a stressful game of catch-up. But expansion could  be disastrous sometimes, if not carefully considered and planned for.

When your business is at door step, and you become protective and might want to do everything yourself to protect your business from outsiders and big changes. This protection could harm your business. If you try to do everything yourself, you can become burnt out. And without outside input, you might not have the necessary creativity or resources to grow your business. 

We, JM Automation Solution Sdn Bhd (JM Group of Companies) are the people that you can rely on to help you get things done or work together so that you don't miss out any opportunity.